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If You Have Hummus In Your Fridge, Read This ASAP


SheKnows Editorial

As someone whose diet consists almost entirely of hummus and foods dipped in said hummus, the latest recall news has me shaking in my boots. Due to a possible listeria contamination at a Hudson Valley Farms pine nut production facility, three brands of hummus with pine nut toppings are being recalled across the U.S.

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Marketside, Lantana and Fresh Foods Market brand hummus are all being recalled. They’ve been sold nationwide at stores including Walmart and Giant Eagle. The recall includes batches of hummus distributed from April through June, including one shipment to Canada on April 20.

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Fresh Foods Market is recalling their Artisan Hummus with Pine Nuts, Lantana is recalling their White Bean Hummus with Pine Nut & Herb Topping and Marketside is recalling their Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts. All brands come in 10-ounce clear round containers. You can see the sell-by dates and lot numbers of all the different brands being recalled at the FDA’s website.

If you bought one of the recalled products, you can call the House of Thaller (the distributor) customer service center Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. CST at 855-215-5142.

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We’re getting pretty damn tired of all our favorite foods getting recalled — it seems like nothing’s safe anymore! Foodborne illnesses reportedly increase in summer because bacteria thrive in warm weather, so you can expect more recalls as we get deeper into summer. But it’s not just the heat — listeria also thrives in the cold, meaning it can grow in your fridge and even infect other foods through contact. Ugh!

The good news is that no illnesses as a result of consuming the products have been reported yet. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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