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Nooo! Nestlé Candy Bars Could Disappear From Stores Soon

If Butterfingers are your go-to movie munchy or mini Nestle Crunch bars were the highlight of your childhood Halloweens, this is an extra sad Monday. Nestlé just announced that it’s considering selling its American candy brands, which includes classic candy aisle mainstays like Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, Gobstoppers, 100 Grand, SkinnyCow, Raisinets and Crunch bars.

Now, before you go buying up your local drugstore and hoarding Butterfingers in your pantry, let’s clarify — these products won’t necessarily be gone forever if the sale happens. However, the candy bars could be sold under a new label and possibly have a new recipe or formula, depending on who buys the rights.

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“Nestlé will explore strategic options for its U.S. confectionery business, including a potential sale,” the company said in a statement. Basically, nothing in life will ever be the same again.

If you’re a fan of Nestlé’s Toll House cookies, though, don’t worry: Those won’t be part of the sale, as they’re held under a separate part of the company — as are Kit Kat bars, which are produced by Nestlé’s international arm, not its American one.

Nestlé blames this decision on Americans being more interested in healthy snack choices. We may still love our sugar, but we’re eating less of it, and industries like candy and cereal are feeling the impact.

We’re conflicted about this news. On one hand, hooray for U.S. citizens for finally taking their health into their own hands, getting educated and breaking our dependency (or at least starting to be less dependent) on sugars and processed foods. With our current obesity crisis and health care policy being very much in limbo, eating healthier is one simple way to keep our nation in better shape.

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However, there’s definitely going to be some nostalgic sadness seeing Butterfingers, Crunch bars and Baby Ruths disappear from the candy aisle (even if they reappear with different packaging). They were childhood staples!

Nestlé hopes to have a deal in place by the end of 2017, so if this post hasn’t convinced you not to hoard candy bars, you have time to stock up.

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