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New Pico Guacamole From McDonald’s Will Make You Say, ‘What Avocado Shortage?’


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Is there anywhere better to get a sizzling, crispy hash brown at 4 p.m. or a 10-piece order of chicken nuggets at 2 a.m. on your way home from a night out? McDonald’s is such a part of the fabric of most cities and towns in the U.S., it’s hard to imagine the brand needing to innovate in any significant way.

But McDonald’s has actually had slipping sales for a few years now for one simple reason. Millennials, even though they love eating out, just aren’t into the typical greasy fast food as much as older generations. Now, McDonald’s is taking a page out of a healthier chain’s (*cough, cough* Chipotle’s) book, and they’re offering pico guacamole on three new menu items.

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Pico guacamole is — you guessed it — mashed Hass avocados mixed with pico de gallo. As part of the chain’s new Signature Crafted Recipes menu, they’re serving up pico guacamole on the Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich, the Pico Guacamole Buttermilk Crispy Chicken sandwich and a classic quarter-pound burger topped with the green goodness. The kicker: It’s at no extra cost.

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As anyone who has ever been on Instagram can tell you, millennials are pretty much obsessed with avocados. There are avocado bun burgers and avocado cocktails — we’re basically all avocado-obsessed. McDonald’s new sandwiches are tapping into that collective hunger, proving that they too can compete with chains like Chipotle (which, last I checked, was still charging extra for their guacamole).

Avocado shortage, be damned — this is just further proof that guacamole should be put on anything and everything.

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