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Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Meal Service Actually Sounds Kinda Good


SheKnows Editorial

When I think of frozen food, it usually calls to mind a pepperoni pizza or some ice cream. But Daily Harvest, a new meal kit service, is making frozen food that’s actually nutritious and just got some impressive investors.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Serena Williams have both signed on to back Daily Harvest, which was founded by Rachel Drori. Unlike the frozen meals you’re used to, Daily Harvest offers up good-for-you options like smoothies, soups, overnight oats and chia pudding — all plant-based, free of refined sugars and preservatives and made with organic produce.

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Surprisingly, the price point is pretty on par with your average “healthy” microwave meal and less than take-out, at just $6.99 to $7.99 a cup. Surprising given that Gwyneth Paltrow, queen of all things expensive and impractical, is involved!

So why did Paltrow of all people sign on for a frozen meal delivery kit when she’s so often espousing the joys of cooking at home? “Frozen food gets a bad reputation but it’s actually a very practical way to consume nutrient-dense foods,” she says, pointing out that not everyone has access to the farm-fresh produce that chefs and lifestyle gurus alike are always touting. (Yeah, we all know that, just surprised you do, Gwyneth!)

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“Farm-frozen produce is picked at its nutritional peak, retains more nutrients and its more readily available to everyone,” says Paltrow. That makes Daily Harvest a sound investment for the Goop founder and one that’s aligned with her mission.

The food sounds pretty great too, or at least a lot more interesting than the smoothies I make at home (raise your hand if you somehow always seem to make your green smoothies brown).

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There’s a mulberry and dragon fruit overnight oats bowl, a mango and golden milk chia parfait, a cold brew and almond smoothie, a zucchini and black garlic soup and tons of other options that are sure to keep your taste buds piqued.

For occasionally lazy cooks like me, the recent boom in health-focused meal delivery kits is a lifesaver. Here’s hoping that the support from celebrity big wigs like Paltrow and Williams is enough to make this trend into the new norm.

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