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Oreo O’s Are Coming Back to Make Your Mornings Bearable Again


SheKnows Editorial

I feel truly #blessed that I grew up in the golden age of breakfast cereal when my days started with things like Rice Krispies Treats cereal and Trix that was actually still shaped like fruit.

But most of these morning treats have gone the way of original recipe Four Loko — R.I.P. — forcing me to rely on pathetic substitutes that just don’t live up the the real thing (No-Doz dissolved in vodka-spiked Kool-Aid does not a cocktail make).

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Luckily, reboots are all the rage right now (looking at you, Twin Peaks!) and Oreo O’s are returning to stores after nearly a decade. No longer will breakfast consist of a bowl of crushed Oreos in milk — instead, we can again rely on the dependable uniformity of the chocolaty Oreo O’s rings dotted with white flecks of sugary glaze that say with each bite, “You’re a grown-up, and yes, you can eat this for breakfast even though it’s still just cookies in cereal format because there’s no one here to stop you.” Isn’t life grand?

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According to a spokesperson for Post, there hasn’t been any major reformulation of the cereal, so it’ll still have all of the chocolaty goodness you’ve been craving these past 10 years. Oreo O’s are available in stores now, and you can use the Post store locator to find a store near you where you can stock up.

We all know mornings are rough, but if anything’ll take the edge off, it’s gotta be cereal that’s basically cookies.

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