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This Comfort Food May Be the Key to Nailing a Second Date

What’s the ideal go-to meal for a first date? You might think it’s something like sushi or tapas that can be found at trendy healthy restaurants that encourage interaction and sharing. But that’s not necessarily the case according to new data that says the best way to get a second date is by sharing a meal that’s as comforting (read: fatty and greasy) as possible.

Dating app Hinge surveyed 8,000 of the app’s users in major American cities and asked all sorts of questions about first date habits, including preferred date locations and cocktails. According to those users, the food most likely to lead to another date was fried chicken. That favored comfort food got 24 percent of the vote, followed by sushi and pizza.

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Research also found that drinks were considered an ideal way to move a first date along successfully, with a Bloody Mary being a top cocktail choice, followed by an Old Fashioned. Whatever you drink, just stay away from those tequila shots: That landed at the bottom of the list.

But back to fried chicken. What makes that a great meal choice for a first date? Is it that it’s comfort food and people are more laid back when they’re eating it? Or is it that you’re letting go of formal, fancy conventions, having fun and getting a little messy?

Whatever the reason, you know where to make reservations next time you swipe right — and I don’t mean KFC, guys.

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