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The New Trix Cereal Looks Different & People Are Not Pleased


SheKnows Editorial

General Mills has fallen into an all-too-common trap: It listened to its customers, and now it’s paying big time for trying to accommodate them. They removed all artificial colors and flavors from Trix cereal at the beginning of this year, trying to respond to customer demand for healthier, more natural products.

As one might expect, the colors of the new cereal are a bit duller now that they don’t contain the fluorescent brightness of red 40 and yellow 5 — plus, the fun fruit shapes have become boring spheres — and people are flipping out.

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Then there’s my favorite conspiracy theory.

One person pointed out that looks can be deceiving.

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One person showcased how Trix has changed over the past few years.

And a lot of people just felt bad for the Trix rabbit.

My counterpoint to all the hate is that while I do miss the whimsically fruit-shaped Trix of my youth, the new Trix cereal actually looks like food. That’s a novel concept considering how often our cheesy foods are as orange as a traffic cone and our fruity foods are brighter than the rainbow, but the fact is that this is what real food looks like. It may not be as fun to stare at, but it still tastes the same, so shouldn’t that be good enough?

Then again, would it really hurt General Mills to bring back the fruit shapes? Because I would totally be here for that.

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