Kevin Spacey & Gordon Ramsay Can't Stop Swearing at Each Other

May 25, 2017 at 4:45 p.m. ET
Image: Getty Images

Kevin Spacey is an awesome actor with serious range. He's starred in everything from the Oscar-winning drama American Beauty to Netflix's addictive political thriller series House of Cards to comedies like Horrible Bosses 2 and Fred Claus. But I've never seen him in anything quite as baffling as this promo for Gordon Ramsay's new cooking show, The F-Word.

Apparently the "F" in the show title stands for food, family and friends, but after watching this epic curse-off between the to two stars, I'm not so sure. If you like bleeping sounds, you'll love this clip, because half of the dialogue isn't safe for TV.

Spacey starts talking about the lawyer Clarence "Fucking" Darrow (whose story appeared in Inherit the Wind and Compulsion), then transitions to a conversation about actor Henry "Fucking" Fonda (see where this is going?). He then calls the food "fucking good," to which a slightly perplexed Ramsay replies, "Of course it's gonna be fucking good!"


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The conversation continues in a casual macho fuck-off of sorts (a phrase I never thought I would need to dream up) until they both erupt into giggles like a pair of schoolboys and Ramsay throws his hands up and admits, "Damn, I've been out-fucked!" Interesting way to phrase it, but OK, Gordon!

For a show about food, friends and family, that's a lot of F-bombs. Like, I couldn't watch this with my niece or my mom! But give me a bottle (or a box) of wine and a few friends, and then this bold new show becomes total viewing-party material.

You can catch the premiere episode of the show, which features two families embroiled in a cook-off that's judged by Ramsay and a panel of experts and celebrities, on Wednesday, May 31 on Fox. It should be a fucking good time.

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