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The Pope Asked Melania What She’s Feeding Donald Trump


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Traveling as a couple can be stressful, and the first lady and her husband aren’t immune to that, five-star hotels and Secret Service and all. Just a few days into Trump’s first nine-day tour abroad as president, there have been plenty of awkward situations already, including an awkward hand-swatting situation (and then a second one), the president’s cringe-worthy outburst in Israel and an awkward family photo that’s been memed, re-memed and memed again.

Luckily, during their visit to the Vatican, the pope — who Donald Trump has insulted in the past — was able to bring some levity to the situation when he cracked a joke to Melania Trump. When greeting the first lady, Pope Francis asked, “What are you feeding him, potica?” Melania Trump asked if he said potica or pizza, then laughed and said yes.

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Apparently, this was something of a inside joke between the pope, who loves Slovenian food, and the first lady, who is Slovenian. Potica is a Slovenian dessert made by filling a very thin dough with ground nuts, honey and cream, then rolling it up to bake.

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The dessert is obviously very rich — could the pope have been poking fun at the president’s stature? Who knows, but either way Melania Trump’s staff confirmed that she appreciated that the pope had cracked a joke tailor-made for her.

Hopefully, that moment was enough to brighten her spirits. Based on what we’ve seen so far, she doesn’t seem all that thrilled about embracing the duties of FLOTUS, and she may have a few more years of meet-and-greets like this ahead. Good luck with that!

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