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Now You Can Order Dinner While Browsing Your Facebook Feed

Remember the old days, when if you wanted to order delivery, you’d pick up a takeout menu and actually call someone? (Ah, nostalgia.) With on-demand delivery apps, it’s a brave new world where you just click a few buttons and your food is en route. An introvert’s dream, no speaking required.

For some of us (*raises hand*), sometimes just opening a new window or app has started to feel like work — but life’s about to get even easier. Facebook has activated a new feature where you can now order food directly through the app or website. No need to leave Facebook messenger. No need to stop your political diatribes on friends’ walls. Everything in life, from pizza to politics, seems to become increasingly streamlined.

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The feature is showcased via a hamburger app icon that already appears on your newsfeed. Click where it says “order food,” and it’ll direct you to a list of restaurants that participate within your area. If you’re traveling, it’ll direct you to local restaurants in that area. Sure, the list isn’t as expansive as Seamless yet, but give them time. This is the future.

The order food option on Facebook is powered by or Slice, so the options you get on these apps will be reflected on Facebook, and you can use your ordering app for either pickup or delivery.

But let’s be real. If you’re ordering food on Facebook, it’s because you’re too lazy to open another app, so clearly you’re gonna be choosing delivery. No judgment!

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