You Can Now Buy Champagne in 6-Packs

If you’re headed to a picnic or BBQ this MDW, you might have been planning to pick up a six-pack of beer (or if you’re exceedingly basic, wine coolers). But what if you’re just a fancier kind of lush? In possibly the best news that has come to booze since rosé started being sold cans, six-packs of fancy Moët Champagne are now a thing — and a glorious, way overdue thing at that.

Yes, could already get your bubbles in cans, but if you’re looking for that authentic, poppable bottle, Moët & Chandon has launched the Moët Mini Share Pack, which consists of six 187-milliliter bottles of Moët’s classic Imperial Brut.

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Before you sign up to bring this to your next potluck, know that these six-packs run around $100, quite a bit more than a six-pack of PBR — but hey, it could be worth it. They look super-cool and even come with golden flute toppers. No glasses required!

Either way, if you’re looking to chic up any al fresco occasion this summer, this is a sure way to make those burgers and BBQ sides feel way fancier. We’re sold.

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