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Google Lens Lets You Get Info on a Restaurant by Taking a Picture of It


SheKnows Editorial

I’m a patient person, but nothing makes me feel more vaguely murderous than casually walking downtown with a group of friends while trying to decide if any of the restaurants we pass look good. How can the exterior of a building tell you anything about the food served inside, and why in God’s name didn’t we do some research before heading out?

Luckily, Google feels my pain, which is why they’ve developed new technology called Google Lens, which lets you point your phone camera at anything and automatically Google it. So the next time you want to check a restaurant’s menu and rating before blindly submitting your taste buds to whatever lies within, you can just use Google Lens to pull up the info for you.

Think how many meals will be saved by this technology! No longer will we fall prey to the allure of a fancy-looking restaurant that serves weak $15 cocktails when we could instead be downing ice-cold brews at the humble yet highly rated joint next door.

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Google Lens has other cool applications too. You can use it to identify wildlife and to help you figure out where you are (just by taking a picture of a street sign), and you can even use it to connect to Wi-Fi — just point it at the label on your router containing the network and password info, and voila!

There’s no word yet on when Google Lens will be available, so your days of panicked dining on the fly aren’t quite over yet. But they will be soon, and once that happens, there’s no reason you’ll ever have to sit through an overpriced mess of a meal again.

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