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McDonald’s Is Bringing the Drive-Thru to You With McDelivery


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Do you ever wake up with an insane Egg McMuffin craving but know there’s no way you’re dragging yourself out of the house to make a McDonald’s run? That’s me basically every Saturday morning, torn between my desire for a greasy hangover breakfast and my reluctance to drag myself out from under the covers. But now you don’t have to choose!

McDonald’s is teaming up with UberEats to finally offer online ordering and delivery through the app. McDelivery, as they’ve cleverly dubbed it, completed testing in Florida, where there were “high levels of customer satisfaction.” Duh, you’re delivering fast food to people at home! Who could complain?

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McDonald’s has actually experimented with delivery several times in the past, and it’s usually only available in major cities through apps like DoorDash and Postmates, but this seems like their first large-scale attempt to streamline the process.

I can’t wait to order in hash browns (McDonald’s has literally the best hash browns on Earth and I’m not ashamed to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS) when I’m too lazy to get dressed on the weekends, but I’m thinking this could also help late-night partygoers satisfy their munchies in a safe way too. No one will be tempted to swerve their car through the drive-thru to stock up on fries and McNuggets before continuing the party at home — instead, they can just take a ride share car home and have their snacks delivered.

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McDelivery is currently available in Chicago, Los Angeles, Columbus and Phoenix with plans to roll out in other locations across the U.S. over the course of the year.

So, what are you having for dinner tonight? Because I have a feeling this exciting news has put me in the mood for an entrée that starts with “Mc” and comes with a side of fries.

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