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Attention: Pickle Juice Ice Pops Are the Trendy Cold Treat of the Summer


SheKnows Editorial

When it comes to chasing food trends, you never know what’s going to hit big. I thought for sure that various new spins on rosé would be the trendy cooling treat of the summer, what with the hype over frosé and rosé 40s, but I’m starting to think the real runaway hit of the season is pickle juice.

First, we heard about a pickle juice soda that was gathering fans in Pennsylvania, Ohio and beyond. Sounds weird, right? Like, there couldn’t possibly be enough people interested in such a drink to invite further expansion of the pickle-verse… or could there? Well, apparently I was wrong about this summer’s hottest trend, because it turns out pickle juice ice pops, not frosé, is the breakout star of the season.

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Made by Bob’s Pickle Pops and Van Holten’s, these icy treats are made simply from pickle juice frozen in a tube. Van Holten’s also adds electrolytes to their pops to help athletes who are worried about cramping. Yeah, pickle juice pops have taken the place of fancy sports drinks and bars — who saw that coming?

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Bob’s Pickle Pops is also going to start selling their pickle juice in bottles so you can add a splash of that salty, vinegary elixir to everything from bloody marys to smoothies (I guess?).

If you want to try out the new fad, you can search for Bob’s Pickle Pops at stores in the southern U.S. and Van Holten’s at the grocery store or online. Or here’s a handy hack: You can also just freeze the leftover juice from a jar of pickles into an ice pop mold. Keeping up with foodie trends has never been so easy.

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