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A Grown Woman Stole $15,000 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies


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Today in semi-relatable crimes: A Girl Scout troop leader from Kentucky is on the run after being accused of stealing $15,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies from local troops. In case you think you read that wrong, let me clarify that she didn’t steal $15,000 from the troops, but rather, $15,000 worth of actual Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Peanut Butter Patties and other Girl Scout cookies. And now, she’s on the lam. It’s a classic cookie caper!

Now, I’m obviously not condoning what Leah Ann Vick, the purported cookie snatcher, allegedly did. Theft is theft, and stealing cookies from Girl Scouts is about as chill as stealing candy from a baby (which is to say, not at all chill).

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But have you ever tasted Girl Scout cookies? Imagine if you one day found yourself at a Girl Scout cookie warehouse. Surely no one would notice if one measly box went missing. Or 10… or 100… of course, there’s a big difference between fantasizing about a consequence-free cookie grab and committing an actual felony-level theft. For most of us, taking the last Thin Mint from its sleeve while our roommate or partner is at work feels criminal enough!

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Vick has been charged with class-C theft, which carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Now she’s on the run, having evaded the cops so far thanks to her clever use of several fake addresses that have made it impossible to pinpoint her actual location.

My guess? She’s busy holed up somewhere trying to eat her way through the evidence. Considering each box of Girl Scout cookies typically costs $5, that means Vick’s got 3,000 boxes to get through. Trust me, put on a House Hunters marathon and get cozied up on the couch and you’d be surprised at how quickly those cookies disappear.

Otherwise, when she’s discovered, she’s facing up to 10 years in prison. I hope getting all those boxes of Caramel deLites to herself was worth it!

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