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Skittles’ New Mother’s Day Ad Is Horrifying


SheKnows Editorial

Skittles’ ads have always freaked me out. Who knew you could take the phrase “taste the rainbow” and turn it into the start of so many nightmares? But they’ve really, really gone too far this time, with a new Mother’s Day ad that makes me want to step away from the internet forever.

It’s a play on clingy mother-son relationships, specifically the kinds of sons who are so attached to their mom that they never leave her side — and in this ad, don’t even cut the umbilical cord. I might vom just trying to write about this, but stay with me.

In the clip, a mom (Mac’s mom from It’s Always Sunny!) is sitting on a couch enjoying a bag of Skittles. Her adult son sits next to her… attached by a thick umbilical cord.
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Every time the mom eats a Skittle, the son can taste it thanks to their, um, special connection. Writing about this is killing me — can we all agree that if you’re trying to sell FOOD, adult umbilical attachments should not be the focus of your ad?

I mean, sure, this ad has everyone talking (and laughing and gagging). But now I’m not just questioning my fondness for Skittles, I’m questioning parenthood itself. Because if that’s what motherhood has in store for me, I’d just as soon remain childless (and Skittle-free) forever, thank you very much.

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