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Nicole Kidman Threw Giada De Laurentiis Shade on Ellen, & It Was Everything


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Politeness can often be the bane of daytime television shows, with both host and guest skirting around serious issues or disagreements so that at the end of the day, they still seem “likeable,” which in turn means that the segments can come off as super-snoozy.

But Nicole Kidman apparently did not get the politeness memo — or, more likely, she just doesn’t give a shit. And when you’re as famous as she is, why would you?

Kidman appeared on Ellen with Giada De Laurentiis, all basically A-listers in their respective fields. And it was pretty entertaining to see three people on a level playing field appearing on a talk show together, because for once, De Laurentiis’ over-the-top persona didn’t stand a chance at drowning out her companions.

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Now, don’t get me wrong — I like De Laurentiis. I think a lot of her recipes look delicious, and I find her over-pronunciation of every Italian word more gently comic than annoying. But she was being kind of extra on the show, and Kidman was not having it.

First, De Laurentiis has everyone try their hand at making risotto balls. Kidman immediately finds something to comment on, wondering aloud how you’re supposed to make risotto in the first place. But Giada ignores her, instead trying to help DeGeneres with her task.

Things continue to derail from there (it’s honestly kind of painful to watch), with Kidman giving so much side-eye I was afraid she might actually topple over and into the vat of frying arancini. Quoth De Laurentiis: “This is not going the way I was hoping.” Awkward!

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Kidman tries to ask a genuine question, saying that cooking stresses her out because she’s never sure how to time everything. De Laurentiis’ snarky reply: “Well, then don’t make so many things.” LOL, ouch!

Finally, it comes time to taste De Laurentiis’ pièce de résistance, an orange and fennel focaccia. DeGeneres takes a bite, and it’s clear the stuff has the texture of beef jerky, but she doesn’t say anything. Then Kidman takes a bite. Her verdict? “It’s a little tough.”

Luckily, the three all burst into laughter over the truth bomb, as De Laurentiis admits it’s been sitting out for about five hours. Things did start off kind of tense, but by the end, it’s clear that they’re all just engaging in some good-natured ribbing and that there’s not actually any ill will between them.

That said, I’d be a little nervous to invite Nicole Kidman over for dinner after watching that clip!

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