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We’re Totally Shocked By Some States’ Favorite Brunch Dishes


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America is facing its share of division in politics and culture, but if there’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that brunch is amazing. My go-to brunches at home are whatever greasy leftovers we have on hand from the night before or a pleasant combination of literally every kind of breakfast potato with a side of fruit (and lots of coffee, of course).

But if I go out to brunch, I go all out, and according to a recent infographic from the folks at Pinterest, I’m not alone. They looked at searches and saved pins to see what people in each state love the most for brunch that may not be a hit elsewhere in the country. And some of the results were not what I expected!

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Pinterest brunch map
Image: Pinterest

For instance, I never would have guessed that Nevada loves avocado toast so much. I thought that was Cali’s thing! And I’m not entirely positive I’ve ever heard of chickpea pancakes, so it’s a little surprising that they’re so popular in Maryland.

And do Iowa, Washington and Pennsylvania know that peanut butter bars, macaroons and thumbprint cookies are actually desserts? Then again, maybe the rest of us just aren’t doing enough to make sure our brunches are actually three-course meals complete with a sweet treat at the end!

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Some of the other choices weren’t so surprising. Arizona loves breakfast tostadas, Nebraska can’t get enough hash browns and Kentucky puts bourbon in everything, brunch included.

New York is wild over something called breakfast risotto, which honestly I’m not sold on, but it’s not surprising considering their robust restaurant culture. I’ll just be over here in California brunchin’ on farmers market figs, OK?

Did your favorite dish make the cut? Or does your state have a wacky favorite brunch? You can explore recipes for each state over on Pinterest’s official The Brunch Club board here.

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