Amal Gave George Clooney a Crazy-Realistic Birthday Cake

May 9, 2017 at 2:24 p.m. ET
Image: Getty Images

George Clooney is really leaning into the rich older daddy thing. I mean, he's literally a father now, he's married and he and one of his business partners, Cindy Crawford's husband Rande Berger, celebrated their birthdays with a novelty cake, courtesy of Amal Clooney. (Fun fact: George Clooney and Rande Berger own neighboring homes in Los Cabos, Mexico! #BFFgoals).

George Clooney turned 56 on Saturday, May 6 — Berger turned 55 a couple of weeks ago — and their tequila business reminds me of all my uncles who got into home brewing in their 50s, except on a grander scale. The super-realistic cake based on the tequila business just seals the deal — there's something so corny about the whole situation that it's kind of hard to remember that Clooney is an A-list heartthrob actor and not one of my friend's dads.

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Considering the fact that Casamigos is their own brand of tequila, the cake is basically just showing Clooney and Berger hanging out at work. Imagine getting a cake for your birthday designed to look like you and a co-worker hovering around the copy machine or ringing up customers at the store or sitting on your couch while watching Parks and Rec and writing? Kind of weird, right?

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But celebrities are different from us, and even though Casamigos is a lucrative business, it's a passion project and not a career that was born out of any true need for money. I guess that's what keeps it fun — for most of us, a work-themed cake would take the joy right out of our party, but for wealthy hobbyists like these two buddies, it's just a reminder of the good life.

Here's hoping that Clooney and Berger enjoyed their birthday party — and that they had enough tequila on hand to erase the mental images of their loved ones snacking on those eerily-realistic cake bodies and faces.

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