Oreo's New Summer Flavor Aims to Create ‘Fireworks’ in Your Mouth

May 8, 2017 at 12:00 p.m. ET
Image: Oreo

Along with Starbucks and KFC, Oreo is another brand whose sensational, limited-edition products keep us on our toes (and rolling our eyes) every week. From Swedish Fish to Peeps, Oreo's special flavors are starting to seem a little random — but hey, we're game.

In its latest attention-grabbing move, Oreo is launching a Fireworks flavor in the lead-up to summer and July Fourth. These new Oreos feature red and blue candy chunks mixed into the traditional sandwich filling you’d expect in an Oreo. Much like Pop Rocks, you’ll feel a little buzz on your tongue as you eat the cookie. Apparently they're calling this “popping candy” — because, y'know, branding and all, guys

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Whether or not the Fireworks Oreos create a spark (see what we did there?), Oreo is already considering their next limited-edition flavor. They're launching a #MyOreoCreation contest on Instagram or Twitter, and the winner will not only get to decide on the next crazy limited-edition flavor, but could also win $500,000 — the real prize in our book! Three finalists will win $25,000.

Either way, that'll buy a whole lot of cookies…

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