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Your Cinco de Mayo Guac Will Cost You Extra This Year


SheKnows Editorial

Bad news for all of you guacamole addicts out there — avocados are about to get a whole lot more expensive. Yes, more expensive than they already are, which is really saying something.

Avocados, those creamy, dreamy green fruits we love so much in everything from ceviche to smoothies, are understandably in high demand. But according to new reports, bad weather in Mexico and California means that we’re looking at a 20 to 50 percent drop in output this year. But… what will I put in my vegan chocolate mousse?!?

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On top of that, avocado trees in general have good crop years and low output years. This year was a low output year to begin with, but paired with the terrible weather and avocados’ ever-increasing popularity, there just aren’t enough to go around.

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There is hope on the horizon. Peru is probably going to step in, sending more of their avocado crop to the U.S. this year than usual. But long-term, things get a little dicier.

Climate change, deforestation and cartel involvement in the Mexican avocado industry all threaten the fruit’s sustainability and availability — not to mention Trump’s tax plan, which contributes to soaring prices. Kinda makes you think twice about your dip choice at the store or restaurant.

Guess it makes sense why we pay extra for our guac — but hey, it’s worth it, right? Either way, enjoy your easy-to-find avocados while you can. And happy Cinco!

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