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This Essential Food Is Being Pulled From Shelves In Canada


SheKnows Editorial

Oh, Canada, land of poutine, Tim Horton’s, Nanaimo bars and sadly, not Skippy peanut butter — anymore, at least. Skippy peanut butter was recently acquired by Hormel, and the company is pulling the product from Canadian shelves, causing a major outcry from stricken peanut butter consumers.

Citing the cost of distribution (Canada is huge, but they have a population of just 36 million, whereas, say, just the state of California has a population of 39 million), as well as the cost of the required French product labels, the company has withdrawn from the country, and people are. Not. Happy.

Apparently, people are stockpiling the Skippy they can still find on clearance shelves around the country and rationing out their peanut butter so it lasts as long as possible. Check out the frenzied Tweets below.

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Why can’t Canadians just buy Skippy online? Well, it’s actually pretty expensive to do that — around $10 for a single jar — and the American version of Skippy has 1 to 3 grams of added sugar that makes it taste entirely different than the Canadian recipe. (Hey! Why is ours less healthy?!)

While many are mourning the loss of the iconic brand, there are some who couldn’t be happier to see it go.
Gee, don’t mince words, buddy!

Still others have found a silver lining:

 (Would it be too mean if I bought that domain out from under him?)

Of course, it’s little consolation to those who will be eating plain jelly sandwiches from now on without their blessed Skippy to rely on, but hey, at least someone’s dream is coming true, right?

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