Trader Joe's Debuts Canned Wine Just in Time for Summer

May 1, 2017 at 4:41 p.m. ET
Image: Trader Joe's

Nothing says "summer" like drinking outdoors, and this year, Trader Joe's has got us covered. I'm not talking about Two Buck Chuck (it's been a few years since the last time I chugged from a bottle of TBC while enjoying the great outdoors, thank God). It's even better than that. Trader Joe's just came out with Simpler Wines, four-packs of canned sparkling Italian wine that sell for — wait for it — just $3.99.

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The packs come in white wine and rosé, which makes sense because rosé and all things "millennial pink" (including pineapples) are so hot right now. The packaging is totally on point too: a cool blue tone for the white wine and a rosy pink for the rosé, both of which make for attractive accessories along with your picnic blanket or beach towel.

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The cans are easier to carry around than heavy glass bottles, and easier to recycle too — not to mention that there will be no buzzkill if (er, when) you forget the bottle opener.

There's a pretty huge downside, though. Simpler Wines is only available at the Union Square Trader Joe's in New York City. Dammit, New York! You get everything first, from Pizza Rat to Cronuts, while the rest of the world waits to catch up. Guess it's time to start saving up for a trip to the Big Apple — that or putting the heat on TJ's to stock up on Simpler Wines across the U.S.

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