Is Pickle Juice Soda the Breakout Drink of the Summer?

May 1, 2017 at 12:15 p.m. ET
Image: Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop

Ahhh, pickle juice. That hallowed summer beverage: It's neon green, salty as hell and bursting with the fresh flavor of vinegar. At least, that's what the deranged mixologists at Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop seem to think, as they've recently created a soda that's a carbonated, sweetened pickle juice, ready just in time for summer!

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On a hot day, there's nothing I'd rather drink than a mouth-puckering carbonated blend of salt, vinegar and sugar. Unless my other option was LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. Then again, I'm married to someone who regularly mixes sweet corn soda (yep, it's a thing) with whiskey to make one of the weirdest cocktails of all time, so different strokes for different folks rings true about all things beverage-related for us.

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The freaky new soda is sold at Grandpa Joe's (side note: of course this was invented by a grandpa) stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio for $2.50 a bottle. You can also buy it online, albeit with a steeper price tag — $10 for a bottle, $20 for three or six for $30. #WorthIt?

Lest you can't afford the lofty price (or possibly wait that long to get your hands on this sweet, vinegary nectar of gods), here's a DIY recipe: Blend and strain one jar of sweet pickle relish. Mix the liquid with an equal part club soda. Pairing suggestion: Hot dogs, hamburgers and pastrami sandwiches.

When pickle juice soda is a summer beverage option, who needs frozen coffee or Coke?

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