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Not Fake News: Trump’s Oval Office Desk Has a Button for Soda Delivery


SheKnows Editorial

America’s super-down-to-earth, man-of-the-people president is known for his dietary quirks. Trump claims to love fast food because the chains do so much business that it’s less likely an employee could contaminate his food. He also likes his eggs cooked “over-well,” and his steak burnt to a crisp. In the latest of Trump’s bizarre food habits, the president has apparently streamlined his soda order by installing a red button on his desk in the Oval Office.

One push of the button, and the world is instantly destroyed by nuclear warfare. Oh, wait — that’s the other red button. This one just signals to the White House butlers that Trump wants some Coke. Apparently, he guzzles that and other soda like it’s his (other) job.

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It’s more than a little troubling, though, that Trump is sitting pretty in his office getting comfortable with the concept of pressing the big red button. That’s the sort of thing no one should want the president to get used to. I mean, politics is exhausting work, and do we really want our parched commander in chief to reach for the wrong red button when he’s in need of a soda during a heated discussion of our nuclear strategy?

While inelegant, I think I might prefer his former method: shouting, “Bring a Coke and a water, please!” out the door whenever the craving strikes.

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