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Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Takeout Habits Are Just Like Ours


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The most surprised pizza delivery person I’ve ever seen is the dude I scared when I opened the door while in the middle of dyeing my hair bright pink. Sure, the dye on my hands kind of looked like blood, and I was wearing a nightshirt with a giant picture of a cat on it, but still, he could have at least pretended there was nothing out of the ordinary.

And if that was surprising, imagine the shock on the delivery person’s face when they realize they’ve been summoned to bring curry to Prince William and the former Kate Middleton at Kensington Palace. Because it turns out that Wills and Kate love to order out! I guess mutton roasts and tea sandwiches get a little boring when you eat them too many times.

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In a radio interview, the couple admitted to ordering takeout fairly often. While Kate loves Indian food (especially curry), Prince William has a hard time deciding between pizza, curry and Chinese food. Tell me about it, stud! I have legit lost hours of my life scrolling through my delivery app trying to decide what I want to order before eventually having to take a hanger nap and settling for a frozen burrito.

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What Wills and I don’t have in common, however, is his aversion to spicy food. “I’m not good at spice,” he declared, a line that for some reason strikes me as hilarious. I don’t like fish, but I wouldn’t phrase it as, “I’m not good at fish.” Except from now on I probably will. Thanks, Prince William!

But lest you start to feel too much camaraderie with the royal couple, here’s a reality check — they have people who order and pick up their takeout for them. I don’t know how much you have to pay someone to be your on-call takeout person, but when I become a billionaire, you’d best believe I’m going to have one on my payroll. Because nothing tastes as good as not having to go pick up your pad Thai in a cat nightie feels.

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