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Breaking: Chipotle Is Adding Dessert to Its Menu

If your savory lunchtime staple of a Chipotle burrito bowl feels like it could use something sweet at the end, you’re in luck. Chipotle has talked about launching dessert, and the time is here reports Business Insider.

Starting in May, Chipotle will be offering buñuelos, a Mexican dessert of fried tortillas topped with sugar, cinnamon and honey. The dish will be paired with an apple-caramel dipping sauce and will be available at select Chipotle locations.

Let’s be honest — any new menu item at Chipotle is an exciting development, since the beloved Mexican-style fast-food chain is notorious for rarely making menu changes. When Chipotle added tofu sofritas in 2014, it was the first change in 20 years followed by the addition of chorizo in 2016.

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Chipotle had hinted about the impending desserts back in January, when CMO Mark Crumpacker said of the buñuelos, “It only adds one ingredient not already found in our restaurants, it’s easy to prepare, and it’s delicious.”

We’ll definitely be lining up to try the new buñuelos next month. And if these go gangbusters (as they probably will just based on the ingredients, seriously) we may be in for even more changes at reliable Chipotle in the coming months and years.

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