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Oreo Needs to Bring Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches Stateside, ASAP

Long-distances relationships are the worst. Oreo’s only affirmed that belief of ours with their latest creation, a peanut butter ice cream sandwich that’s only available in the U.K. as of now. WTF, Oreo?! Tease, much?

People who are lucky enough to be traveling across the pond can look forward to the sandwiches, which feature peanut butter ice cream mixed with crushed cookie pieces between classic chocolate Oreo cookies. They sound so good that we’re pretty much already coming up with excuses to go to England on a business trip just for a chance to test these out.
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Since peanut butter and chocolate are both known to improve basically everything they touch, it’s not hard to guess that this new sandwich is totally magical. Plus, it’s cold, which guarantees it’ll be a perfect summer staple — and one that Americans with a sweet tooth can only fantasize (and whine) about for now.

Oreo, if you’re listening, please bring these babies to the U.S. ASAP so we can hoard and Instagram them with the best of the Brits.

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