KFC's New Zinger Sandwich Will Fire Up Spicy Food Lovers

Apr 19, 2017 at 2:39 p.m. ET
Image: Getty Images

OK, so our feelings about KFC are, admittedly, mixed. The company recently vowed to rid all of its meat from antibiotics by the end of 2018 — a noble idea, but a little late in its execution. Still, we can't deny that the crunchy fried chicken and salty, delicious mashed potatoes are a little addictive.

Now, the Southern fast-food chain is dropping a new menu item: The Zinger, a fried chicken sandwich that promises to pack major heat. Marinated in cayenne pepper before being breaded and fried in KFC’s famous combo of 11 flavorful herbs and spices, the sandwich is supposedly spicy, but not overwhelming.

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There's even more reason for spicy chicken lovers to be excited about this particular sandwich right now. Last month, Wendy’s yanked their spicy chicken nuggets from the menu, leaving an opportunity for other fast-food purveyors to fill the spicy chicken hole.

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“We've been actually working on this for two years, we spent $80 million upgrading our back house equipment and we spent the last six months re-training all of our staff on how to make a fried chicken sandwich fast, because ultimately at lunch, we have to win on speed,” Kevin Hochman, president and chief concept officer for KFC U.S., told Fox Business’ Stuart Varney.

The Zinger is already available at multiple KFC locations around the world (including a custom food truck in New York City's Union Square) and will be available nationwide starting Monday, April 24. Only a few more days until spicy chicken sandwich lovers will have their new go-to drive-thru favorite.

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