Ben & Jerry’s New Concoction Combines Two of the World’s Best Foods

At this point, we’re all plenty familiar with food mashups. Whether it’s a Fruit Loops milkshake or a Whopperito, restaurants — particularly of the fast-food chain variety — are always trying to catch consumers’ attention and entice them to become addicted to something new. And while normally, we raise a bit of an eyebrow and evaluate new mashups with a healthy dose of skepticism, Ben & Jerry’s latest creation just has us damn excited.

Starting this Thursday, April 20 (appropriate for munchie-craving 4/20 celebrators the world over) Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops will launch the Chill-aco, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: A ridiculously indulgent ice cream treat that comes in — what else? — the shape of a taco.

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Here’s the Chill-aco creation process: First, you pick two scoops of any ice cream flavor, which will be nestled inside two caramel-coated waffle cones before being topped with fudge and cookie crumbles. (Oh, and if you can’t come up with your own ice cream flavor combo, B&J’s has five amazing suggestions) Ummm, yeah. Did you stop breathing for a sec? Us too.

Alison Gilbert, senior brand manager for global Scoop Shop said in a press release, “The crunch of the taco, the layer of the caramel, and the smoothness of the ice cream makes it the ultimate snacking experience.” Awkward food marketing lingo aside, we’d have to agree that it sounds delicious AF.

The only sad news: The Chill-acos aren’t a permanent menu fixture (yet, at least). Of course, B&J’s hasn’t said when they’ll disappear from shops, so basically, you’d better run to the closest location on Thursday and make sure you get one before they’re gone. Sigh. All good things must come to an end.

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