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Maryland Woman Finds a Scorpion Inside Her Bag of Spinach

When we break into a bag of leafy greens, we expect to get plenty of nutrients, but one couple just got a whole lot more protein than they bargained for. In an encore to yesterday’s horrifying dead-bat-in-salad incident, two people in Maryland found something just as terrifying in their bag of spinach: A scorpion. Even worse, this time, the unwelcome guest was STILL ALIVE.

“I saw something inside the bag, crawling,” Sri Sindhusha Boddapati told NBC Washington. She was able to finagle it out of the salad and into a plastic water bottle. “I thought it was a cricket in the beginning, and then I noticed when it was in the bottle that it is a scorpion.” Blechhh, can you imagine?

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Boddapati, who found the scorpion in a bag of supposedly triple-washed spinach she and her husband bought at a Giant grocery store in Chevy Chase, Maryland, recorded the creature on her cellphone and reported it to the store, which went on to remove that brand of bagged spinach from their shelves.

So, um, it’s safe to say that the triple-washed spinach you’ve been too lazy to wash before cooking has not necessarily actually been washed three times (although scorpions can reportedly survive for a couple of days under water). Either way, please, please wash your greens before digging into them — we don’t want anyone dying of a scorpion sting or bat-induced rabies! Honestly, eating healthy’s never been so high-risk.

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