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The Super-Disturbing Thing People Found In Their Salad at Walmart

Thought grabbing a boxed salad was a safe, healthy choice when you’re on the run? Think again. In an entirely new level of horrific food recall news, two people ate some of a pre-packaged salad at Walmart that contained a dead bat.

OMG. I mean, rodents, bugs and human hairs are bad enough — but a flying animal that resides in caves and is well-known to carry the deadly rabies virus? That is gag-worthy not simply because it’s disgusting, but because it could kill you.

The packaged salad mix, which was made by Fresh Express and issued to stores in Florida, has been recalled. The two poor unsuspecting victims ate some of the salad before discovering the bat in the box. The CDC has sent the bat to labs for rabies testing, and the two people were also tested and are reportedly in fine health so far (but are being monitored).

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If you live in Florida and are concerned that you may have eaten or bought one of the Fresh Express pre-packaged salads, here are the deets. The recall is for Organic Marketing Spring Mix in a clear, 5-ounce container with a best-if-used-by date of April 14, 2017. You can get a full refund, but more important, won’t be exposed to any deadly diseases simply by opening the box.

It’s still unclear how the hell this happened (I mean, at least when metal pieces get into chicken, you know it came from the factory or machines that helped package the food up — not that that’s especially comforting). Either way, if you’re getting the heebie-jeebies just thinking about buying prepackaged food right now, you’re not alone, and we’ll all be making our own salads for the foreseeable future.

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