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Burger King’s Back With Another Cereal-Flavored Milkshake


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Updated June 21, 12:30 p.m. PT: Look, I know it’s the era of Frankenfood mashups and all, but Burger King is really taking this to a new level. A few months ago, the burger chain announced a limited-edition run of Fruit Loops milkshakes, and now they’ve unveiled a milkshake made with Lucky Charms.

Made by blending vanilla soft serve with a syrup version of Lucky Charms (which, ew, really?) along with a handful of chunks of the actual cereal, the concoction rings in at a grand total of 740 calories. For something so unhealthy, you’d better at least get a heavenly high from every sip, right? But the shake isn’t getting great reviews from the peeps who’ve been trying it and tweeting about it — one critic called it “magically disgusting.” Yikes.

General Mills doesn’t seem to have gotten the memo, though, as on their blog, a brand manager writes that they look forward to collaborating on “future cereal shake flavors.” Quit while you’re ahead already, guys!

Original story:

Growing up, I always liked Burger King because its flame-grilled burgers tasted slightly more like real meat than anything from its fast-food competitors. But these days, BK’s menu is more like a Ripley’s Believe It or Not of crazy food mashups that really shouldn’t exist, but taste bizarrely delicious nonetheless. Case in point: Their latest (limited-edition) culinary oddity is a Fruit Loops milkshake.

Other than the fact that I think their head of product innovation is probably a sugar-crazed 7-year-old, the shake actually does sound pretty good. It features vanilla soft-serve, pieces of Fruit Loops cereal and a fruity sauce, of course, to give it that extra hit of synthetic fruit flavor.

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Milkshakes seems to be getting crazier and crazier with each passing year (never forget Wayback Burgers’ line of cricket and jerky protein milkshakes, shudder), but Burger King isn’t the first to add cereal to the mix. Carl’s Jr had a slightly less appetizing Cap’n Crunch shake a few years ago.

Considering the Fruit Loops shake comes after menu mashups like Mac n’ Cheetos and Spicy Chicken Fries, it makes me wonder what’s next for Burger King — hot dog onion rings? Breakfast sandwich soft-serve? But still, weirdness aside, I must admit I’m intrigued.

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