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What Eating the Feet First on a Chocolate Bunny Says About You

Every Easter, I sneak into my kids’ baskets to snack on their life-size chocolate bunnies, a ritual I’ve indulged in since they were babies. As I hide away in the laundry room nibbling, there’s always one rule I adhere to: Eat the feet first, so the bunny’s still smiling when my kids dig in. Am I the most thoughtful mom ever or what?

Well, it may be sweet, IMHO, but it’s definitely not normal according to a new study published just in time for Easter. Because according to everyone else in the world, eating the chocolate bunny’s ears first is the only way to go — 59 percent of the 28,113 respondents preferred to eat chocolate rabbits starting with the ears.

While only 4 percent of us start at the other end and gnaw off the feet first. And the rest of the chocolate bunny eaters have no particular preference when it comes to how they devour their victim. Researchers found that the rest of the bunny eating bandits — 33 percent total — have no preference as to where they start.

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The head study author, Kathleen Yaremchuk, a researcher and otolaryngologist at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, wanted to have fun with the topic and to establish the unique nature of chocolate bunny eating — which must be why she hilariously titled the study “Seasonality of Auricular Amputations in Rabbits.” “It was interesting to discover that few other confectionary symbols, such as Santa, succumb to isolated defects like the chocolate bunnies do,” said Yaremchuk. She also told the New York Daily News, “People don’t report eating Santa’s face.”

Regardless of what the study says, I’m sticking to my feet-first rule. After all, my daughter says that starting with the feet is the only way to go — because you can live without feet, but not without a head!

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