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A Million Pounds of Chicken Are Being Recalled Because of Metal Contamination

Since chicken’s a major diet staple for most meat-eating humans, we’ll cut to the chase. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Services just made their latest recall announcement, and it’s a massive (and seriously terrifying) one. Breaded chicken products that were produced between Dec. 19, 2016, and March 7, 2017, and were sent everywhere from school lunchrooms (ack!) to your local Walmart. But wait… you haven’t even read the worst part yet.

The ready-to-eat chicken, produced by OK Foods, involves nearly 1 million pounds of breaded chicken that authorities fear has been contaminated with “extraneous materials” — including metal! WTF is going on?!

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Apparently this all happened after OK Foods “received five consumer complaints stating that metal objects were found in the ready-to-eat chicken products and by FSIS inspection personnel during verification activities. After an internal investigation, the firm identified the affected product and determined that the objects in all the complaints came from metal conveyor belting.” Yiiikes.

Although there have been no reports of people getting sick yet from this contamination — thank heavens for that! — anyone who does have this chicken in their fridge or freezer is advised to either toss it ASAP (duh) and/or return it for a refund. See full list of items affected here.

Jeez. For now, maybe go back to packing lunch for the kids yourself, with whole foods you can make sure came from the Earth and don’t contain manmade contaminants like, you know, metal.

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