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Costco’s Finally Caught On to the Delivery Trend — and We’re Into It


SheKnows Editorial

I live for my monthly trip to Costco, but that has more to do with the price and selection than with the store itself. Navigating the parking lot alone is enough to make me twitch with anxiety, and fighting the crowds to wrangle a shopping cart (which is so large you basically need a special license to operate it) is not for the faint of heart.

Costco knows all this, and while their free samples will always be a great incentive for in-person shoppers, they’ve decided to cut out the rest of the ordeal for people who can’t handle it in favor of a new delivery service.

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Starting in Tampa, Florida, Costco is partnering with grocery delivery app Shipt to offer online ordering and delivery in as little as an hour. Considering you can buy everything from cocktail wieners to patio furniture from Costco, this seems like a hell of a deal.

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There is one catch, though. (Of course.) Like Costco, Shipt has a yearly membership requirement, and it’s actually more expensive than Costco’s — Shipt costs $99 annually. The good news is that Shipt offers free delivery on orders over $35, and if you’ve ever been to Costco, you know it’s pretty hard to spend less than that, anyway.

Though Costco’s new shipping service is only available in Tampa at the moment, Costco will be gathering feedback to hone the delivery partnership so they can expand nationwide. (Yay!) In the meantime, at least the rest of us will still be rewarded for our exhausting in-person store visits with as many free samples as our hearts desire.

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