The New M&M’s Flavor Could Mean a Special Kind of Chocolate Comeback

White chocolate M&M’s have been an Easter treat for as long as I can remember, but there’s a rumor brewing that they could become a widely available year-round treat.

I grew up eating white chocolate, always loving the buttery, creamy sweetness of it (much more than that bitter dark stuff my mom loved, or so I thought at the time). But with the rise of foodie culture has come the fall of white chocolate, and it seems like everyone would rather eat a single square of 70 percent cocoa chocolate than a classic cookies and cream bar.

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But M&Ms could be about to change that. The candy obsessives over at Candy Hunting posted an Instagram picture of what’s allegedly the new packaging for the product featuring a plain white bag and M&M’s coated in the same bold colors as the standard milk chocolate variety, nary a pastel or bunny in sight.

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M&M’s has played with flavor quite a bit over the years (a strawberry flavor was recently announced), but this is one of the first times I can remember that they’ve made a seasonal flavor a new standard.

Traditionalists and candy snobs may turn up their nose, but I for one am excited that I’ll no longer have to hoard white chocolate M&M’s every spring so I can get my year-round fix.

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