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Butterbeer Ice Cream Is Now a Real Thing, Because Sometimes Life Is Magical


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My head is about to explode because I just heard a phrase that no Muggle is fit to understand completely: Yuengling’s now makes butterbeer ice cream.

Why is this news so earth-shattering? Well, for one, if you don’t live on the east coast, you may not be familiar with Yuengling’s at all. I used to think Yuengling’s was strictly a beer company (that’s not available west of the Mississippi), but it turns out that a family member of the beer company independently owns and operates Yuengling’s Ice Cream too.

Knowing their family history, it suddenly makes more sense that they might come out with a beer-flavored ice cream, and what beer is more magically delicious than Harry Potter-inspired butterbeer?

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So, what exactly goes into a pint of butterbeer ice cream? Well — this probably won’t be a shock — a lot of butter. It’s a buttercream and butterscotch super-premium ice cream that is rippled with butterscotch swirl for good measure. Good Lord.

Other than the amazing-sounding flavor, David Yuengling decided to create butterbeer ice cream because, as he told The Huffington Post, “My kids were big Harry Potter fans and we wanted to do something unique.” Man, if your parents own an ice cream company, you’ve really got it made!

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Currently, Yuengling’s Butterbeer is sold in grocery stores in pint-size containers, though they’ll be selling quarts of it soon too. (Gulp.) And once you get your first taste of it, something tells me you’ll definitely be glad you went with the full quart.

Find a store with Yuengling’s Ice Cream near you here. As for those of us on the west coast, I think a road trip may be in order.

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