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Brad and Angelina Are Now Collaborating to Sell — Wait For It— Olive Oil

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship had a dramatic start and a far more intense ending — but this latest curveball we didn’t see coming. In spite of Brangelina’s impending divorce and well-publicized challenges raising their kids together, the mega-famous power couple is now… teaming up together to sell olive oil?

Rumor had it that Jolie and Pitt’s expansive estate and vineyard located in the South of France, Château Miraval, would be sold following their breakup, but it appears that’s actually not in the cards. Marc Perrin, who co-owns Château de Beaucastel in Rhône, France, is apparently helping the couple produce gourmet olive oil and was quoted in The Drinks Business saying Pitt and Jolie won’t be selling Miraval, as they see it as an investment that will benefit the family. “The rumors about the sale of the domain are false. It is an investment for the family and the children. They are involved in all aspects of running the estate,” he said.

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The new organic extra-virgin olive oil is made from a blend of olives made on the estate and is currently only available in limited-runs for European deliveries, reports People magazine. A trio of olive oils sells for 85 euros (about $90 USD.) 

Weird doesn’t begin to describe this news. Considering both Jolie and Pitt are astronomically rich from their Hollywood careers, do they really need to be in business together to make gourmet, limited-run wine and olive oils? Sure, the estate would obviously benefit their kids and remain an investment — but don’t they have plenty of other ways to preserve their children’s inheritance? Maybe making decisions together like this is helping Jolie and Pitt move forward in co-parenting their kids in a civilized manner, but jeez. It just seems random as hell after last fall’s earth-shattering divorce announcement. Best of luck in business to these volatile exes.

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