10 Mesmerizing Instagram Cake Videos to Chill You Out (and Make You Hungry)

Confession: I’m obsessed with watching Instagram videos every night before I go to sleep. Specifically, I find myself watching cake-decorating tutorials. There’s something so soothing about watching a plain cake come to life with color and decoration. Is that weird? With each slap of the offset spatula, each drop of color stirred into the frosting, I find myself being lulled into relaxation.

Whether cakes are being spun and frosted in rainbow colors or drizzled with oozing icing, watching them be decorated definitely makes my dreams a little sweeter — here’s hoping they’ll do the same for you.

1. On fire

I could watch this toasted marshmallow cake get the blowtorch treatment all day.

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2. Rainbow swirl

Watching this cake go from plain white to rainbow-hued is so calming.

3. Red, white and blue

I feel more patriotic every time I watch this red, white and blue cake getting decorated.

4. Coconut dreams

This cake shows how something totally ordinary (coconut chips) can become extraordinary.

5. Pink paradise

Pretty pink frosting covers a chocolate cake in this decorating video that I can watch on repeat until sleep.

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6. Rainbow Funfetti Krispies cake

How can I not fall asleep with a smile now that I know Funfetti rainbow Rice Krispies treat cake exists?

7. Inside-out rainbow frosting cake

This cake looks plain on the outside, but slice into it and you spot the rainbow.

8. Hamburger macarons

It soothes my soul to know that someone is talented enough to make macarons that look like little hamburgers.

9. Ombré rosettes

There’s something deeply satisfying about watching the piping of these rosettes.

10. Golden splendor

Watching gold be brushed onto this cake makes my spine tingle with joy (because all cake deserves this royal treatment).

It can’t be just me — these videos are hypnotic, right? Now excuse me while I go to the store to get some Funfetti cake mix…

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