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Study Reveals Which States Eat the Most Dessert — and You Might Be Surprised


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If someone asked me where in the country people loved dessert the most, I would simply open Google Maps on my phone and give them my geographic coordinates. But it turns out an actual study examined the matter, and the exercise website Fitness Goals discovered that Washington, D.C., is the dessert capital of the country. Kinda surprising, no?

People in D.C. used the dessert hashtag in their Instagram posts the most per every 100,000 residents, which proved their love. Maybe they’re stress-eating away all of their political woes? Lord knows I find myself reaching for comfort food after I read the news every day — just imagine being surrounded by it 24/7! Coming in second place was New York, which makes sense to me — it’s the birthplace of the Cronut, after all.

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Fitness Goals States That Love Dessert
Image: Fitness Goals

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Using a separate data set (total Instagram posts per state, instead of per 100,000 residents), Oregon was found to be the state that prefers #dessert over the #gym. A whopping 69 percent of all Instagram posts coming out of Oregon use the dessert hashtag, while just 30 percent are tagged with #gym.

Fitness Goals Gym vs Dessert
Image: Fitness Goals

On the flip side, North Dakotans are the most likely to tag their posts with #gym to the tune of 89 percent of all posts from the state. I mean, I guess when your winter lasts an eternity, there’s not much to do but go to the gym. (Still, you gotta give them credit for not turning to comfort food while being stuck inside.)

I still hold that if the researchers looked a little closer, they’d discover that the most popular dessert location in America is approximately two inches from me at any given time. But for now, I’ll put “eating all of the sweets” on my list of things to do the next time I’m in D.C.

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