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Now You Can Get Melania Trump-Inspired Wine and Salami

While some people probably drink to forget about the current first family (not toast to them) one Slovenian wine brand has taken Melania Trump’s famous name and slapped it on a wine bottle. According to the wine trade magazine Decanter, a Sevnica, Slovenia-based company has launched ‘First Lady,’ a line of wine, salami and more food products dedicated to the first lady, who hails from the region. Ironically, Trump is known not to drink.

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The Trumps have a Slovenian legal representative to protect against the unlawful use of Melania Trump’s name, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping this brand from carrying on, especially since they seem to already be doing very well with the products.

“We have good wine, we have the best salamis and we have other products that are very good for the area,” Sevnica Castle steward Rok Petancic told Decanter. “We shouldn’t be afraid or feel ashamed of offering them to a wider audience.”

The wine is made from Blaufränkisch grapes, which are native to eastern Slovenia. The initial 300 bottles sold out in three days after going on sale in the gift shop of the 12th century Sevnica Castle at €27.90 (about $30) a bottle. There’s now an additional 2,000 bottles of the wine, which will also be on sale in the tourist office.

“It’s not a strong a wine, it’s gentle like Melania,” local winemaker Lojze Kerin told Decanter. Well, lets hope this wine offers some liquid courage — if not to her, then maybe to the rest of us (at least until 2020).

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