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3 On-the-Go Protein Ideas That’ll Kick Hunger to the Curb


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When we’re hungry but on the go, most often we sate our hunger pangs with fast foods that are seriously lacking in the thing that will really fill us up and keep us going for the rest of the day — protein.

Luckily, it’s not all that hard to plan ahead. These meat and cheese snack packs are easy to bring with you when you leave the house in the morning and will keep you feeling fueled until you finally make it back home at the end of the day.

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1. Road trip-ready (dry-roasted edamame, string cheese, hard-boiled eggs)

You really don’t want to have to eat messy things in the car, and this ideas has you covered. Dry-roasted edamame is a fuss-free snack that will curb your cravings for all things crunchy, and string cheese keeps kids occupied without getting a mess all over your car. For an added boost, a hardboiled egg is a surprisingly compact and clean way to get a bite of protein — just salt a shelled egg lightly and put it in a plastic container before you leave the house.

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2. On-the-go eats (meat, cheese, crackers, chocolate-covered almonds)

Don’t risk getting hangry during the day. This snack will keep you satisfied at work or school so you can focus on the things that matter instead of the rumbling in your tummy. A cheese, cracker and meat platter is sure to keep you satisfied, with plenty of protein coming from the meat and cheese that you can pile atop crackers to your heart’s content. Use the meat, cheese and crackers from a HORMEL GATHERINGS® party tray to make things even easier. Pepperoni, ham, turkey, salami — there’s something for everyone. Have a hankering for something sweet? Eat a handful of chocolate-covered almonds for dessert.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

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3. After-school energy boost (nut butter-filled celery sticks, crispy roasted chickpeas, chocolaty trail mix)

Energy can flag after school, but when busy kids have sports, extracurricular activities and homework to focus on, they need to recharge. This snack will keep them going until dinnertime. Nut butter-filled celery sticks are full of protein and won’t get soggy over the course of the day, and flavored, roasted chickpeas are a fun, crunchy alternative to chips. If your kid has a sweet tooth, pack a nutty trail mix that adds chocolate chips to the mix for a fun but nutritious treat that won’t send them into a sugar crash while they’re doing their math homework.

Image: Nick Ferrari/SheKnows Styling: Nicole Heffron

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