Breakfast for Dessert Is Now a Thing Thanks to Ben & Jerry’s Cereal Flavors

Fans of cereal milk, ice cream and fusion cuisine, prepare to totally lose it. Ben & Jerry’s announced the release of three new ice cream flavors that ingeniously combine cereal with ice cream.

The sweet flavor of cereal milk is iconic. From slurping the bottom of your bowl as a kid to throwing handfuls of sugary cereal into homemade ice cream sundaes (#NoJudgment), people can’t get enough of the stuff. So it makes sense that Ben & Jerry’s is taking cereal milk and turning it into decadent ice cream, with three cereal flavors swirled throughout.

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There’s Fruit Loot, a cereal milk ice cream swirled with Fruit Loops; Cocoa Loco, a chocolate milk ice cream with crisp chocolate cereal; and Frozen Flakes, a simple but totally delicious take on Frosted Flakes. For best results? One scoop of each, please.

These cereal-flavored ice creams will be available at Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops around the country starting in mid-March, though sadly, not in grocery stores. My only question is why in the world aren’t they using Lucky Charms? Everyone knows that marshmallows make for the best cereal milk — take note, B&J!

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