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Enjoy Your Maple Syrup Now, Because There May Be a Shortage Soon

Despite an unseasonably warm winter in many parts of the country, it’s still the coldest season of the year, and pancake and waffle breakfasts are one of the best comforts when you’re stuck inside because of harsh weather. And let’s be real, as good as pancakes and waffles are, they’re really just a vehicle for maple syrup — which, according to a disturbing new report, may soon be in short supply.

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Partially due to the mild winter and the confused crops left in its wake, The Wall Street Journal reports that farmers are expecting to produce as much as 75 percent less maple syrup this season. Ideal conditions for sap production are below freezing at night and mid-40s (Fahrenheit) during the day, but the warm winter has made days and nights like those very rare, which means a devastating decrease in sap production. Nooo.

This leaves us with lots of worrisome questions: With decreased syrup supply, will prices go up? Will pancake brunches become a thing of the past? What will we put on our waffles and pancakes if we’re left with a maple syrup void? (And no, fake syrup cannot fill that void.)

Only time will tell, but if Trump’s attitude toward global warming is any indication, that time may be sooner than any of us expect. Until then, you might want to consider bolstering your omelet game.

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