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Would You Wear a Burrito Wrapper Dress to Win a Free Wedding? This Woman Did


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Taco Bell devotee Diane Nguyen went all out when she heard about the Mexican chain’s new Love and Tacos contest for an all-expenses paid wedding at — wait for it — their new Taco Bell Chapel in Vegas (which is pretty much the most Vegas thing I’ve ever heard of). Nguyen is one of nine finalists, and she’s been upping her social media presence to get votes. While most of us usually express our love for Taco Bell by forgetting to throw away the taco wrappers that litter the car floor, Nguyen’s latest move is a whole other level of devotion.

She made herself a wedding gown by hot-gluing a whopping 200 burrito wrappers together, and the results are pretty spectacular (and I say that without a trace of sarcasm). Seriously — it’s a good-looking garment, especially considering what she had to work with.

Look at those rosettes! If I’m being honest, this gown is fancier than my own wedding dress — seriously, just spray paint this baby white and no one would know it was made out of Taco Bell wrappers.

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If Nguyen and her betrothed get enough votes, they’ll win the ultimate prize: an all expenses-paid wedding at the Vegas Taco Bell Chapel, a Taco Bell garter (sexy?), sauce-pack bouquet, taco 12-pack, and a Cinnabon Delights wedding cake. It’s like the wedding most people secretly want, but are too afraid to admit that they’d rather have a wedding cake bathed in Cinnabon icing than wrapped in fondant.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to the couple — that dress alone is proof they should win, IMHO. If you agree, you can vote for Nguyen here.

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