People Eating Peeps Oreos Are Getting a Very Special (and Hilarious) Surprise

Oreo comes out with new flavors on the regular, but their latest Peeps variety, released in honor of springtime and Easter, has a surprise that goes beyond the flavor of the filling. It turns out Oreo Peeps, which have a golden vanilla cookie and marshmallow Peeps-flavored crème, are staining people’s tongues and teeth pink. (Note to self: Find out if the crème filling in Peeps Oreos doubles as a budget-friendly lip stain.)

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Considering that dyeing eggs pretty colors is an Easter tradition, I guess it kinda makes sense that Peeps Oreos would turn our pearly whites a pastel shade worthy of the season’s celebrations. And apparently, they’re turning something else pink too. Peeps Oreos may not be able to make your poo smell like roses, but they can make the two look a little more alike. Following in the footsteps of beets — and let’s be honest, we’ve all had a post-beet moment of panic in the bathroom — Peeps Oreos are apparently the same color coming out as they are going in.

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But hey, there are worse things that could happen. After all, if ever there were a season to have your smile painted the same color as the blossoms beginning to bloom on trees and the eggs in your Easter basket, it’s spring, right? (Just go with it.)

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