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No One Can Predict What ‘Moody’ Rihanna Will Eat — Even Her Personal Chef


SheKnows Editorial

Rihanna’s personal chef (#Jealous), Debbie Solomon, recently revealed Rihanna’s favorite foods and the meals that keep her going even when she’s on tour. It turns out, Rihanna’s a pretty impulsive eater. With previous clients, Solomon had been able to plan her menus ahead of time, but not so with Rihanna. “We don’t know what we’re gonna want to eat tomorrow, so why even pick today?” she told Bon Appetit.

When most of us travel, we subsist on chain restaurant grub and subpar room service (no lie, I once ordered a $40 room service pizza that had American cheese on it). But Rihanna likes her food, at home and the road, to be as bold and adventurous as she is. Solomon travels with a case of seasonings that can be used to make Rihanna’s favorite Jamaican, Barbadian and Guyanese dishes on the go, including curry, jeera, Old Bay, adobo and five-spice.

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Rihanna doesn’t hold back based on carbs or calories, either. She’ll eat just about any protein; loves rice, pasta and veggies; and isn’t afraid of the occasional indulgence. After all, she works hard, with a rigorous tour schedule and stage performances that burn a lot of energy.

They say you are what you eat, and with her adventurous, flavorful and uncompromising diet, it seems like that holds true with Rihanna (but hopefully not with me, because I had an unfrosted strawberry Pop Tart for lunch).

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