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These Ryan Gosling Cookies Are the Best Gal-entine’s Gifts Ever


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Do you ever feel frustrated that you can’t indulge in two of your favorite things at once? Well, if you’re celeb-obsessed (guilty) and equally obsessed with cookies (double guilty), that’s about to change. A chef named Sarah Silverman at New York City-based bakery Cupcake Market has struck gold by decorating humongous cookies with eerily lifelike portraits of celebrities — any of which would be a hilarious and sweet (literally) Valentine’s Day treat for a friend or partner.

Her Beyoncé is uncanny. Her Gosling is insane, and I’m pretty sure her Obama-Biden cookies are more fit for office than our current POTUS (but don’t tell him I said so). Check out these crazy concoctions below.

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Silverman has also created a Drake cookie, a Bieber cookie, a Trump cookie and the option to get a cookie made based on your own likeness. Now that’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the narcissist in your life. You’re so vain, you probably think this cookie looks like you, amirite, Carly Simon? If you can’t make it to Cupcake Market in person, not to worry — you can order your celebrity face cookies online.

Sure, paying $22.95 per cookie is a little steep. But can you really put a price on taking a bite out of Justin Bieber’s face or dunking Hillary Clinton in a cold glass of milk? I think not.

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