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No one, I mean no one, loves tacos as much as Serena Williams loves tacos

You guys. Have you seen Serena Williams’ engagement ring? I know what you’re thinking — no, I have a life, thank you. But listen. It’s not just another mega-watt 500 zillion-carat blinger. Look. Just look.

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The best engagement ring ever made, my friends. Serena Williams plays to win on and off the court, and she just won the ring reveal because who needs diamonds when you’ve got tacos?

Serena, tell us how you really feel about tacos.
How intense is this love? Williams sometimes has stacks of corn tortillas shipped to her when she’s traveling on long tours. She once gave away a signed racket to a fan just because that fan had given her a T-shirt printed with a taco. “She knows I like tacos. She’s really cool,” Williams said of her fan.

Here’s how Williams marked Taco Day this year.

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Preach. And here she is doing her taco dance, which is exactly how we move when we eat them too.

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That reminds me. I need to get some tacos for lunch so I can practice my moves.

Don’t call them junk food! Williams knows tacos are good for you. “They’re really healthy,” Williams says. “I use lean ground turkey or fish. I don’t use oils. I add my flavor profiles through spices that you can get from a garden. I like what I put together because there are a lot of fresh herbs. If you eat it in a lettuce wrap, that’s even better.”

Lettuce wrap tacos? Some purists would claim Williams’ love of tacos is flawed. But I say, if Williams’ love of tacos extends to lettuce wraps. it is because of that passion’s strength and enormity. Love is love, and taco is taco.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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